Why We Source all of Our Materials from Canadian Suppliers 🍁

When we started Alben Lane, we worked so hard to source all of our materials from suppliers as close to home as possible. Being from such a small province, it proved to be a little more difficult than we thought.

We were able to find jars and labels right here in Halifax, and we order our wax, fragrances, and everything else that goes into our candles from a few different suppliers throughout Canada, who are also small businesses and family-owned like us.

Here are some of the reasons why we wanted to ensure we were supporting Canadian suppliers.

This first reason is two-fold! Shipping shorter distances (or skipping shipping all together!) helps us keep our shipping costs AND our carbon footprint lower — this is a huge point for us. One of our biggest goals at Alben Lane is to be as sustainable as possible, and shopping for supplies locally is one of our best ways to do this. Imagine having to ship hundreds of jars: the cost and carbon footprint of that would be huge.

Local Economy
Only shopping from Canadian suppliers keeps more money in the Canadian economy, and helps create and keep jobs for Canadians. 

We love our suppliers and have amazing relationships with them! Some of our suppliers have absolutely saved our lives in a pinch and they are always quick to respond to our questions or concerns. Going in to pick up or order supplies is always such a pleasure and we look forward to it every time.

Our label supplier is even dog friendly and Dante LOVES when we go to pick up labels because he knows he will get a treat inside! (He also loves when we go to pick up our jars because we always stop for a puppachino on the way ☺️)

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